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Sim Mayhem

My other sim website with walls, houses, paintings, and more.

Lucky and Waka's Sim Photo Album Gallery

Another one of my sim sites with sim pictures(screenshots, family portraits of sims, weird pictures, party pictures and more!)

Threnody's Chic Boutique

Threnody has a nice choice of skins(mainly for women)

Well Dressed Sim

Well Dressed Sim has a great selection of skins for every sim plus objects.

Home Sims

Home Sims has great objects, and more.

Sim Freaks

Sim Freaks has a great selection of objects, walls, skins, and more.

The Sims Resource

The Sims Resource has great skins, objects, and much more.

7 deadly sims

7 deadly sims has a excellent choice of objects, and so much more.

Simply Perfect Sims

A nice, and neat put together sim site with downloads and polls.


This site has over 300 links! Also EmberLeFey has a huge site with many awesome paintings, and walls! Don't miss out!

Sam's Sim Site

Sam's Sim Site has object downloads, and also mp3's plus more.

Sim Boutique

Sim Boutique has a nice choice of walls, floors, and skins.


Simlings has great information about The Sims and Livin' Large. Also have web polls, wish list, and alot more information! With a site this awesome, you don't need any downloads! :)

Mall of the Sims

Search and go through many sim stores full with skins, walls, floors, and more!

Check out my other website "Sim Mayhem" which has house downloads, wall downloads, painting downloads, faqs. screenshots, and cheat codes.