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Sim Mayhem!
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More about Livin' Large

(I was unable to add an enlarge link to these pictures, sorry everyone.)


This guy is being abducted by aliens!


Here is a screenshot of the Chemistry Set! One of the new objects in Livin' Large. There are many kinds of potions your sims can make, ones that refresh you, make you invisible, make you in a bad mood, turn into a monster, or a zombie!(When your a zombie, you cannot turn back into a sim.)


A picture of that annoying tragic clown!


A screenshot of two sims "playing in bed"


A screenshot of a retro setting!(Can you see the genie in this shot?)


A screenshot of the Chemistry Set

Livin' Large has 125 new objects, 5 new careers, alot of NPC(Non-playable characters) and MUCH MUCH MORE! Get your hands on Livin' Large soon! You can order one at the EA store!

Screenshots taken by Aaron!