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Sim Mayhem!
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No more file updates, but I will occassionally add things that need to be added or delete things that aren't needed. Check out "The Sims" official site to find out more info on the upcoming games:
-The Sims Unleashed (The expansion pack on the PC that allows you to buy pets!) (Coming this Fall.)
-The Sims on PS2! A totally revamped and 3D world of your own, and remade! New look, and even new style!New objects, all things added from each expansion pack, it's like a brand new game! (Coming in November.)

Once, you had "The Sims." Then, later, you lived large in "Livin' Large." After so, you had a "House Party," then finally, you were ready for a "Hot Date." A little later, you took a "Vacation" and are almost ready to be "Unleashed" (Coming this fall on PC.) Now, this November, your sims will be coming on the PS2!