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Sim Mayhem!
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Sims Info

Thinking about buying "The Sims"? Want to know what it is actually about? Here is some information!

"The Sims" is a people simulator. Where you create and control! You can make your own sims! What is a sim? A sim is like you and me, but they are sims...get it? To make sims you goto the create a family part of the game. You make there last name, first names, choose their clothes, their heads, personality traits, and alot MORE!!! You can have eight people in one family, that is the limit. After that you can move them into a house that is already made for you, or move into an empty lot where you make their house! Build, paint, put flooring in, roofing. Sound hard? It's easy! Even help icons pop up once in awhile. You can turn them on or off. You can choose where you want the windows(You place them) and the doors, etc. You also can furnish their home! Buy couches, kitchen counters...around 150 objects to furnish your sim home! Sound to good to be true? Believe it! That's not the end though, after that, you can control their lives! Get your sims jobs, have relationships, and more more more!!! Your sims can think on their own too, but when you control it makes a better life for them. You can also wreck their life by messing up alot of things. Your sims can even die too. In fires, dround in a pool, starve to death. This game has alot more to it too! Go out and buy it today! If you have any questions at all, you can e-mail me!