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Q. I lost my serial number for my sim game, can you give me yours?

A. I am sorry, but people are not supposed to be giving out serial numbers, so that is a no.

Q. I try the klapaucius cheat for Livin' Large, and it doesn't work! What's happening?

A. Use the code rosebud instead of klapaucius.

Q. I installed my Livin' Large game, and I have no new objects, careers, or skins. Not even do I get the new neighborhoods! What can I do?

A. I am not sure how to answer that. Here, go to and go to their help section for Livin' Large, they can answer that! After all, they made the game!

Q. I would like to join the team, but how do I make skins or objects?

A. Only try to join the team if you have experience with making objects, walls, etc. We would love to have you here at Sim Mayhem!

Welcome to the FAQ. section. In case your wondering..

Q. means (question)
A. means (answer)


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