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Sim Mayhem!
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Livin' Large characters

Servo the robot: Cleans up your house, he is a house appliance!

Grim Reaper: He comes to collect sim bodies after they die, but you can negotiate with him, but we won't spoil how.

Tragic Clown: Remember that "Tragic Clown" Painting. He will
come out to try to cheer up your sims when they are feeling terrible!

Aliens: UFO's! Sometimes, you might see them come up on your telescope and they can abduct your sims! But don't worry, sooner or later they will bring them back...but until then they will mess around with them!

Genie: Wish for love, or wish for money. Your wish may come true, or become the complete opposite!

Voodoo Doll: Give your enemies a poke with this doll.

Exploding Garden Knomes: Your neighbors might give this thing a kick, and then...KABOOM!

...and much MUCH more!

Why read when you can look at screenshots! Goto our Livin' Large screenshots page, we have three pages full!