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Sim Mayhem!


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Screenshots for The Sims Livin' Large!


Screenshots for Livin' Large!
Click picture to enlarge!


One of the new objects in Livin' Large is a telescope. You can earn logic points from it. Once in awhile, if you use the telescope alot, aliens might drop by! Your sims can be abducted by aliens!!!!!!!


In Livin' Large, you can set the perfect castle setting!


Make a motel setting!


A "clown" is in Livin' Large, and he is comes out of the "tragic clown" painting when your sims are in a bad mood. He comes to try and cheer you up. He leaves once your family is in a happy stage again. You can even kill the clown if your sick of him. He isn't very good at tricks and he cries alot.

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Your sims can now have the chance to "play in bed" with this vibromatic heart bed!

I didn't add a enlarge link to this picture since it's already close-up.


Looking Sharp

(I got these screenshots from DailyRadar and Gamecenter)